State of Emergency 2 Review

State of Emergency 2 Review

State of Emergency 2 replaces the first game’s ultraviolent and fancy-free nature with a cavalcade of lame trial-and-error missions, and a lousy plot.

State of Emergency – Good Bad Flicks

A slower zombie movie with a hint of The Crazies.
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State of Emergency Review

Without question, State of Emergency is one of the most violent games to come along in a great while. After a few delays, the game is finally ready for the public. While the game is sure to cause quite a stir just for the extremity of its content, There is a technically proficient and engaging game within. Jeff Gerstmann gives you the full story in this video review.

“The best part about State of Emergency is the way every facet of the game comes together to form a perfect feeling of panic.”

State Of Emergency 2 [Part 3] (Commentary)

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State of Emergency 2 is the sequel to State of Emergency, developed by DC Studios. The game is available on PlayStation 2. This game takes place four years after the first game, and your task is to rescue your friends who are being held in The Corporation’s jail. Gangs, vehicles, and weapons are your aids as you wreak havoc in the city. In addition to the frenetic, mob-style game-play of the original, there are stealth missions, arcade challenges, and a multiplayer mode for up to four players.
You can take part in gritty street riots, prison breaks, and all-out anarchy. Control gangs that inhabit the various districts of Capitol City, to face the waves of Enforcers coming at you Interrogate your prisoners – get unwilling informants to talk by hitting them just right. Try abseiling — navigate your way up and down buildings, avoiding Enforcers who emerge from the building’s windows on either side. Multiple vehicles, including helicopters, tanks, mini-tanks (armored personnel carriers), and speedboats. State of Emergency 2 was being developed by VIS Entertainment for Rockstar Games, but the title was continued by SouthPeak Interactive with developer DC Studios. Ports for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable and Xbox, were planned but later cancelled.


State of Emergency – Retro Review

As the first game Rockstar published after the release of Grand Theft Auto 3, there were grand expectations for State of Emergency – but did it manage to live up to them?
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