Arctic Combat

Arctic Combat is a twitch-heavy online first-person shooter featuring realistic warzone effects.

Arctic Combat Gameplay #1

The team at http://powerplay.be shows you some gameplay footage from the free 2 play FPS Arctic Combat from Webzen.

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Arctic Combat – Debut Trailer

Welcome to the Arctic combat, where the quicker your draw and aim, the longer you’ll survive. We must say it does look awfully similar to Modern Warfare, will this free-to-play have any success?

Release Date: TBA
Exclusively on: PC
Genre: Persistent Online RPG
Publisher: Webzen
Developer: Webzen

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Arctic Combat Remastered – Mirage Bot TDM Gameplay

ez kills

Arctic Combat Gameplay (AK-47 gold)

Arctic Combat is an mmofps free to download and play at: http://ac.webzen.com/main/
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